Testover E (Vermodje) 250mg Testosterone Enanthate 10ml


Testosterone enanthate, also known as Test E, is one of the most widely used and oldest anabolic steroids. It is a slow release form, it helps to better understand the effects of using steroids and that is why it is the most recommended product for beginners.

  • Laboratory: Vermodje Moldova
  • Form: Injection
  • Molecule: Testosterone Enanthat
  • Concentration: 250mg/ml
  • Presentation: 1 vial 10ml
  • Recommended dosage: 250-1000mg/week


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Testover E a natural testosterone analogue with delayed action, highly anabolic and androgenic activity. The extended chemical formula with the addition of ester makes the active substance testosterone enanthate most popular among athletes in strength sports.

Testover E effect (10ml) provides significant weight gain, quality recovery, stimulates regeneration processes and increases joint endurance through high water retention. In addition, the drug increases the general tone of the body.

Testover E effect

The sports world discovered testosterone enanthate in the early 1950s. It became the first oil-based steroid with a delayed action for gradual additions to human blood. For medical purposes, it is used in the fight against breast tumors and disorders of growth and body shaping in adolescents.

In bodybuilding, Testover E is valuable for its strong androgenic activity, which allows a significant increase in weight and anabolic properties to increase the percentage of electrocytes. The positive effect of the drug on the joints is very significant, since they are loaded with an increased load.

The active substance lasts in the body after injection for up to 15 days, which eliminates the need for frequent injections. The time to detect the drug in the blood can be up to 4 months. Testosterone Lenanthate is characterized by a high degree of aromatization and a significant reduction in endogenous testosterone, so anti-estrogens should be taken to minimize side effects of the drug.

The main effect of the drug is to stimulate the release of testosterone into the blood, so in the first days of reception its concentration in the blood increases several times. Taking even solo allows any athlete to have a relatively short period of time to achieve a significant effect on weight gain and strength without significant adverse effects.

The effect of the preparation makes it possible to perform more frequent and intense workouts and, therefore, it becomes even more difficult for any athlete. It really is a very powerful drug at an advanced level. Beginners should start with milder steroids, many confessions are generally confirmed.

How to use Testover E

Dosages vary depending on cycle goals and objectives and typically contain 250-750mg per week. But certain rounds intense steroids with enanthate of testosterone of strength athletes allow you to bring a weekly intake of 1000-2000 mg.

Given the long stay of the substance in the body, the question of how to reach steroids worries many. Response once a week, preferably in the buttocks area. More frequent injections are not necessary. When a testosterone denanthate cycle comes to an end, the dose is gradually reduced. This was done within the last two weeks for a safer recovery.

The product aromatizes, so anti-estrogens such as tamoxifen should be taken during the third week of the cycle. If the period is longer, it is recommended to add gonadotropin once a week. In general, the cycle length is usually 4-8 weeks, but can be extended to 12 weeks depending on the athlete.

It should be remembered that if the athlete has never taken such drugs before, the dosage of Testover E must be minimal. This should allow the body to enter physiological adaptation and avoid explosions and hormonal side effects. The drug should be approached with maximum responsibility and adhere to the recommended dose. In this case, to ensure effectiveness and the absence of side effects.

Not recommended for women using Testover E (Vermodje) due to its high androgenic activity. Even minimum concentrations of testosterone enanthate cause serious changes in the hormonal background of women.

For even greater weight gain, it can be combined with nandrolone 200mg per week. It is also a good combination with preparations containing trenbolone, methandrostenolone and oxymetholone.

Testover E: Opinions

Almost all athletes who have experience with the drug note its high efficiency in a defined mass and increase energy productivity. The great advantage of their short-term cycles in which a result is achieved.

After checking the reviews, Testover E is the most popular among powerlifters and powerlifters. Athletes who take it in high doses of testosterone enanthate are advised to split them into 2 doses per week for maximum effectiveness.

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