reduction ( Sibutramin ) a new formula is the smart solution for anyone who wants to lose weight permanently, safely, without heavy physical exertion and without unhealthy starvation. This complex product from TN-Trusted Nutrients has been shown to burn fat in the most difficult areas.

Packaging: 30 tablets x 500mg.

Pharmaceutical name: Sibutramine: 30 mg., Caffeine: 200 mg., Acetylsalicylic acid: 200 mg.

General information about Reducta Sibutramine / Fat Burner:


Reducta powerful fat burner from the American manufacturer TN is a product for safe and lasting weight loss without heavy physical exertion and hunger. Reducta is a multi-ingredient complex that is guaranteed to help burn excess fat without drastic dieting or exercise. The reduction is the smart solution for all those who have decided to fight against excess weight or regain their slim figure.

Stock: The three ingredients of Reducta complex the sibutramine, caffeine and aspirin guarantee a successful result for permanent weight loss for three reasons. Sibutramine, known in athletic circles as Reductil , is associated with increased satiety, ie. suppresses appetite. You just eat less food. Second, the caffeine tones and prevents water retention in the body. Third, the interaction between it and aspirin has been shown to help  burn excess calories, ie. effectively speeds up your metabolism In this way, while adhering to a low-calorie diet and maintaining moderate physical activity, you can significantly lose weight and maintain the results achieved.


One tablet after a meal or before a workout is recommended.

Contraindications: Not recommended for people allergic to sibutramine. Do not take by patients with epilepsy or liver and kidney problems. If you suffer from depression, mania or have obsessive suicidal thoughts, if you have increased thyroid function. Reducta complex is contraindicated in patients with previously diagnosed cardiovascular disease, bypass surgery, or treatment for high blood pressure. There is an increased risk of developing serious but non-fatal cardiovascular complications such as myocardial infarction in patients with severe obesity.

Important: Weight loss supplements should be taken after consultation with your doctor or dietitian. Never overdose, so you won't get a faster effect. Follow expert advice!


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