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Effective treatment of obesity in men significantly reduces the risk of developing long-term concomitant diseases and certainly reduces the mortality rate after years. Reductil ( sibutramine hydrochloride ) is a combination of serotonin (5-HT), norepinephrine (NA) and reuptake inhibitor (SNRI).


Reductil is one of the few truly proven weight loss products on the market. It didn't have any unnecessarily exaggerated ads. It started being offered years ago by the German pharmaceutical company Abbott as a medicine for weight loss and weight loss based on the active ingredient Sibutramine. Thereby, Reductil in a short time becomes an unequaled preparation, and people weighing more than 130 kg. per week or a total of about 12-16 kg. monthly upon first receipt.


The complex action of the product combines the basic techniques for combating excess weight elimination of excess water retained in fat cells, purification of the digestive tract from toxins, active lipotropic burning of subcutaneous fat, ruthless destruction of appetite. The reducer does all of this, it is not a miracle cure, nor does it promise you impossible things, the results are entirely achievable, it's all up to you. Its mechanisms of action do not require an active lifestyle or exercise, as an obligatory factor, one can even say Reductilis more preferred by people working in offices and leading a stagnant daily life. For effective drainage and elimination of water, it is mandatory to take at least 2-3 liters of water daily when taking it.We guarantee the quality of the product offered by us and that it is genuine and manufactured to Abbott standards, we advise you not to experiment with buying cheaper alternative products using the same name.

Effective treatment of obesity in men significantly reduces the risk of developing long-term concomitant diseases and certainly reduces the mortality rate after years. Reductil (sibutramine hydrochloride) is a combination of serotonin (5-HT), norepinephrine (NA) and reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). It contributes to dose-dependent weight loss through a dual mechanism of action reduces food intake and increases energy expenditure.


The aim of a study carried out in 2015 by the World Health Organization by Dr. James Flaburn was to trace the active effect of Reductil in the treatment of obese patients who have voluntarily undergone medical treatment.

Patients and Methods: A prospective 12-week open-label study in 35 overweight and obese patients treated with only 15 mg of Reductil daily and divided into three groups:

  • Group I: patients with BMI ≥ 30 kg / m 2 without comorbidities
  • Group II: patients with BMI ≥ 27 kg / m 2 with impaired glucose tolerance (BHT)
  • Group III: patients with BMI ≥ 27 kg / m 2 with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Survey results. The mean weight loss at the end of the first month was 4.22 ± 2.2 kg and at the end of the third 9.46 ± 4.2 kg (p &lt,0.00001). 88.57% of the patients lost weight by more than 5%, 40% by more than 10% compared to the initial value (P &lt,0.00001). LIMC decreased significantly from 36.33 ± 6.82 to 33.09 ± 5.91 (p &lt,0.0000001).


Bioimpedance research has shown that most weight loss occurs at the expense of fat mass.There was a statistically significant decrease in waist circumference, improvement in lOGTT, lHbA 1s and lipid profile parameters. No significant side effects have been reported.

Conclusion: Sibutramine (Reductile) is an excellent drug for the active treatment of obesity, especially in patients with metabolic syndrome and overweight.

Dosage: 1 capsule daily in the morning (contains 30 mg. Sibutramine extended release).


Reductil is available in boxes of just 30 x 30 mg capsules. Although they're more focused, that shouldn't bother you. Reductil capsules are now time-released, which ensures a constant release of equal doses of the active ingredient throughout the day, guaranteed without peaks or unpleasant sensations.

Reductil is the trade name of one of the most popular weight loss and obesity fighting products on the market. It works very effectively, significantly reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat, quickly, safely and long-lasting.


The main active substance in the formula of Reductil is sibutramine, which, like ephedrine, increases thermogenesis in the body, which leads to an increase in body temperature and therefore an increase in fat burning, both at rest and during physical activity. Sibutramine also suppresses the appetite, especially for noxious and heavy foods, gives a powerful and prolonged burst of energy that lasts all day and has a positive effect on mood, increasing motivation and the desire to achieve goals.

Vitamin C and chromium picolinate are also added to its formula. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that actively fights harmful free radicals, boosts immunity and maintains body structures.Chromium picolinate has the ability to modulate insulin levels keeping them low. It has a positive effect in two ways: reducing appetite and reducing fat deposits.


Reductil is a very effective product. It guarantees good results, which also carries a low risk of side effects. However, if the manufacturer's recommended dose of 1 capsule per day is adhered to.

In more sensitive people or in case of overdose, side effects may be observed. These include tremors, headaches, nausea and vomiting, and loss of sleep.

Please take enough liquids with this food supplement 2-3 liters of water per day. Try to take it early in the morning so as not to interfere with sleep.


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