Primover (Vermodje) Primobolan 10ml bottle 100mg


Injectable Primobolan is widely used by bodybuilders during mass gain cycles often associated with Dianabol. it is one of the safest, least dangerous products among anabolic steroids.

  • Laboratory: Vermodje
  • Form: Injectable
  • Molecule: Methenolone Enanthate
  • Concentration: 100mg/ml
  • Presentation: 10ml vial
  • Recommended dosage: 100mg every other day


Primover is the best preparation for beginners in bodybuilding, it allows you to safely achieve good results in the growth of muscle performance and strength. The minimum of side effects allows you to take it without fear. The lack of high anabolic properties and water retention makes it a suitable steroid in a period of relief, or when it is necessary to maintain the muscle mass already gained.

What is Primover: Description of the drug

This anabolic steroid has been known to athletes, bodybuilders, and law enforcement officials for over a decade, and has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the best and safest steroids around. The injection produces a drug effect lasting up to 14 days.

The active ingredient methanolone enanthate is a modified testosterone molecule which reduces androgenic and anabolic properties. This means that the Primover dose has a greater effect than a similar testosterone dose, and will therefore have fewer side effects, which is the big benefit of primobolan .

Among the immediate effects of Primover Vermodje, which we read in the instructions for use, there is the burning of fat and the elimination of fluid from the body tissues, which contribute to the formation and high muscle recovery.

In addition, side effects are minimized because Primover primobolan is not exposed and does not turn into an estrogenic flavor.

A cycle with primobolan is ideal for beginners because they are afraid of side effects, but they only occur with ultra-high doses of steroids. With this steroid there is no risk of gynecomastia or swelling, but very rarely there is an increase in hair growth and acne. The maximum that can put you at risk is insomnia and irritability.

Among its positive characteristics, there is a small effect on the level of natural testosterone. These steroids generally do not require the intake of anti-estrogens, which also saves you a significant investment on steroid post cycle therapy.

Primover 10ml has a great contribution to popularity due to its cost and relatively affordable price even for amateur level athletes. It should be noted that there is a form of primobolan and tablets. But their price and more, and have bad effect on black drop. Additionally, the injections go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the body's defense mechanisms. Primover 100 is in doping test within 5 weeks after the end of the cycle.

How to take Primover

As the drug is relatively mild, a cycle of 6-8 weeks is required. But it is not recommended to exceed the daily dose due to the increased likelihood of unwanted side effects.

A cycle with Primover Vermoge is carried out with doses of 200-500 mg, depending on the parameters of the athlete and his desired result. As a rule, most athletes take 400 mg of the drug once a week to achieve a good gain in muscle mass and strength. Administration of 600mg per week is highly undesirable, so the likelihood of steroid side effects increases significantly.

The drug can also be used by women, the most important thing is not to plan a cycle during pregnancy or after childbirth. The cycle for women and their doses vary from 50 to 100 mg per week. Stick to the recommended dose, as the absence of effects such as virilization and masculinization is guaranteed.

Primobolan is ideal for maintaining muscle mass during relief or preparation for a race. For amateur athletes this can add a lot of good muscle volume, while for a professional this effect is unlikely to be noticeable.

For those who want to extract more from Primover 100, a combination with other steroids can be made. The combination with nandrolone esters will be the safest and most reliable option. Combining different forms of testosterone or sustanon will provide a much faster and more potent influx of mass and growth function characteristics. Loxymetholone or methandienone are used for these purposes.


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