Naposim (Vermodje) Methan 100 tablets 10mg


Naposim 10mg from Vermodje is an anabolic steroid that helps increase significant muscle mass, reduce fatty deposits, also used in strength sports to increase performance

  • MakerVermodje
  • Active substance Methandienone
  • Concentration : 10mg/tablet
  • Presentation : 100 tablets
  • Recommended dosage : 30-80mg/day
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Naposim is a well-known steroid among athletes with an active substance methandienone. It is a modification of testosterone with reduced androgenic properties and more pronounced anabolic activity.

The main effect is on the anabolic processes of protein synthesis, increases muscle mass, strength, increases appetite and strengthens the skeletal system. It is a powerful anabolic nearly twice as effective as flavored testosterone and is toxic to the liver. Androgenic properties are the same and half less than those of testosterone.

Naposim Description

As early as 1956, the substance methandienone was synthesized by Ciba in the United States. But on the free market, the drug is released after five years and has been used to accelerate tissue repair after burns, as well as for general toning in women. And for quite a long time, almost half a century, Naposim Vermodje a been appreciated by athletes, especially bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Today, methandienone and its active substance are marketed by a number of pharmaceutical companies, both injectable and oral. For instance, NAPOSIM or Dianabol in the same series includes Anabol, Methandrostenolone and others. Therefore, athletes often abbreviate it as "methane", meaning the active ingredient.

The drug accelerates the synthesis of proteins in the body which directly affect the growth of muscle mass. Also, there is a stimulation of calcium metabolism, it enters the bone tissue in large quantities, strengthening the musculoskeletal system. In general, the individual use of Naposim promotes many important trace minerals (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, sodium) as well as an increase in erythropoietin blood levels.

Absorption of the drug passes through the gastrointestinal tract and very quickly the substance binds to globulin and is not destroyed in the liver and interacts with cell androgen receptors. As for beginners or professional athletes, this preparation can be very useful.

You can gain up to 10 pounds of lean muscle mass by taking such pills. Its downside is water accumulation but this is easily eliminated by adding the proper way with other steroids.

Naposim: indications and dosage

For athletes, the dose is 20 to 50 mg per day, for a cycle of 6 to 8 weeks. Since the half-life of methandienone is 3-5 hours, the daily dose is divided into 2-3 doses. This guarantees the maximum effect of the drug.

Naposim 10mg is not recommended for women due to the high risk of aromatization and androgenic activity of the drug. But some experienced athletes who take the drug drink no more than 10 mg per day. For women who are not sensitive to androgens, the drug will cause no harm. But for the normal body, the risk of masculinization is high.

Some athletes who do not know how to use Naposim mistakenly believe that increasing the dose will lead to better results. The increase in dose is not directly related to the rate of increase in muscle mass, but is related to side effects.

If you are a beginner, a dose of 20-30 mg per day throughout the cycle with Naposim will be more than enough for tangible results. For a more experienced athlete who has used such anabolics, the dose may be higher, but within reasonable limits. In any case, if you are in doubt about how to take this steroid and how to drink it, it is necessary to consult an experienced person, since the individual choice of the dose depends on many factors.

This drug can be used alone or in combination with other steroids to achieve maximum effect. The most popular combination is with Nandrolone, Winstrol and Oxandrolone. If the goal is set for maximum mass, a suitable combination is with Sustanon or testosterone enanthate.

NAPOSIM: Reviews and Opinions

Most of those who use the preparation show good muscle growth. Some say there is a lot of interference with increased appetite, making it difficult to adhere to a sports diet. Due to the popularity of the drug and despite its recent popularity, reviews about it are easy to come by.

In the first weeks, the increase in muscle mass is 2-3 kg, especially when you have a perfect workout and a sports diet. In general, athletes even show an overall improvement in health and well-being.

You can read real Naposim reviews (Vermodje) in our forum and ask questions about the drug.

Naposim: Price

Cheap costs for such preparations cannot exist, so if they make you a too tempting offer, beware. Buying poor quality steroids can seriously harm your health. We take care of customers so that our price is the best in the market in sports pharmacology.

The price of tablets NAPOSIM in our online store can be modified for you in an interesting way. We have no interest in increasing business profits, but in increasing the number of satisfied customers. If you place a large order, the price will be greatly reduced possibly.


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