Buy Dianabol (Titan Healthcare) 100tabs/10mg


Dianabol or Methan is an anabolic steroid that quickly helps to increase significant muscle mass, reduce fatty deposits, also used in strength sports to increase performance

  • MakerMeta (Titan Healthcare)
  • Active substance Methandienone
  • Concentration : 10mg/tablet
  • Presentation : 100 tablets
  • Recommended dosage : 30-60mg/day
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Methandienone is better known in athletic circles as Danabol. Gives impressive results in increasing muscle mass. Its medical use is in patients with loss of muscle mass. This is why it is particularly preferred by bodybuilders.


  • Significantly increases muscle mass in a short time. Within a few weeks of use, you can achieve a 20 kg increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Improves protein synthesis. The body absorbs a lot of protein, which means you need to increase your protein intake.
  • Promotes nitrogen retention. This leads to an anabolic environment, which means you are able to build and maintain muscle. Lower nitrogen retention can lead to a catabolic state or loss of muscle mass
  • Improves glycogenolysis
  • It fits perfectly into any cycle, supporting the action of other components.


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