Sustanon 300 Vial of 10ml (Biotech Beijing)


Sustanon has a strong androgenic action and a pronounced anabolic effect. This steroid is used more for gaining muscle mass and strength. Although this Testo Mix converts to estrogen like any other testosterone based steroid, the side effects are easier to limit than if it were a cypionate or a testosterone enanthate

  • Manufacturer: Biotech Beijing
  • Form: Injection
  • Molecule: Testosterone mix
  • Strength: 300mg
  • Presentation: 10ml vial
  • Recommended dosage: 250-1000mg / week


Buy Sustanon 250

Four different testosterones in a 1ml ampoule, containing 250mg of mixed testosterone, Sustanon is fast acting and at the same time has a long shelf life in the blood. The mixture of testosterone esters provides a constant level of the hormone for a period of one month. Like other testosterone preparations, Sustanon is an androgenic steroid with a specific anabolic effect. Many bodybuilders have built bodies of enviable beauty and unique shape thanks to Sustanon 250. This anabolic steroid – Sustanon is successfully combined even with stroba / stanozolol for relief or Nandrolone / Deca-Durabolin for more muscle mass than relief.

Therefore, athletes generally use Sustanon to increase their weight and size while increasing their strength. Unlike other testosterone compounds, such as Cypionate and Enantate, the use of Sustanon results in less water retention and side effects due to increased estrogen levels. This feature makes it a desirable product for bodybuilders who suffer from gynecomastia, but are looking for the powerful anabolic effect of injectable testosterone.Reduced water retention also makes Sustanon a desirable steroid for bodybuilders and athletes interested in gaining quality muscle mass.

Dosages and intake of Sustanon

Sustanon doses range from 250mg per week to 2000mg and most per week. These doses are final. Most often, the dose ranges from 250 mg to 1000 mg per week. Although Sustanon remains active for up to a month, injections should be given at least once a week to keep testosterone levels stable.

Sustanon the best. Athletes share their results with Testo Mix as success without a specific diet, simply because it works. Sexual potency and libido are improved when taking it, as well as the self-confidence of those who take it. Sustanon 250. This is due to the hormones stimulated by the injection, as your testosterone during the intake is very fast and extremely high. Its androgenic effects are hair growth and thickening of the voice. You have more strength, more desire and energy for everything except training and sports.

Those using Sustanon for the first time can expect to gain around 10 pounds in a few months using just 250mg of Sustanon per week. More advanced athletes will obviously need higher doses to achieve the desired effect. Sustanon is a relatively safe steroid except at high doses where some athletes may experience side effects due to high estrogen levels.

Dosage Sustanon

At doses above 1000 mg per week, it is mandatory to use anti-estrogens such as Nolvadex ( Tamoxifen ) or Proviron ( Mesterolone ). The use of Sustanon will suppress the natural production of testosterone, so the use of HCG preparations – Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin) Where Anastrozol (arimidex) is desirable. Sustanon 250 is good for a basic steroid. Athletes interested in rapid size and strength gain find it appropriate to combine Sustanon with oral steroids such as Anadrol (Oxymetholone) and Dianabol (Methandrostenolone). On the other hand, Sustanon also increases weight in combination with Parabolan (Trenbolone hexahydrobencylcarbonate), Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) and Winstrol (Stanozolol).

Sustanon 250 Side Effects

Side effects of Sustanon are typical of most preparations containing testosterone: irritability, aggressiveness, gynecomastia and salt retention (at higher doses), acne, virialization (stimulating the appearance of secondary sexual scars) and others.


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