Maste P-100 (Buen Poder) Masteron 10 vials of 100mg/ml



Maste P-100 made by Buen Poderis a steroid with high and moderate anabolic androgenic activity. In addition to the remarkable power it confers, it is completely harmless to the body: it does not aromatize, has no toxic effects and very rarely shows androgenic side effects.

The use of Masteron by Buen Poder is mainly by men in heavy and strength disciplines, such as bodybuilding. In sports, it is particularly valuable for its ability to significantly improve muscle quality, increase muscle density and provide muscle relief. Therefore, athletes regularly resort to its help in relief cycles.

Additionally, this steroid can increase an athlete's physical performance, especially strength and endurance (often used by professional and amateur athletes who want to add muscle without gaining weight).

The pharmaceutical company Buen Poder has was launched in 2010. and introduced a product protection system against counterfeiting, based on the introduction of a verification code on the official website. This code is on the side of the package, it is under a special label with a protective layer.

Keep in mind, however, that this protection scheme is only available for new drug batches.

What is Maste P-100 and what are its features?

The active ingredient in this preparation is drostanolone dipropionate. It is a modification of dihydrotestosterone with high androgenic and anabolic activity in moderate position. When taken, it does not aromatize and therefore is unable to prevent gynecomastia and other estrogenic side effects.

It is eliminated from the body within two weeks of the end of the reception, which allows athletes to safely use it in preparation for competition.

Masteron by Buen Poder has the following positive effects:

● Qualitatively improves muscle mass (there is an increase in muscle density)

 Effectively burns body fat

 Has anti-estrogenic effects

 Improves energy productivity and increases endurance

● Increases the amount of free testosterone in the blood (due to its ability to bind to binding globulins in the sex hormone).

It is important that masteron is included in the list of safe steroid agents. It is an exception to most anabolics as it has no side effects. In particular, this steroid, on the one hand does not aromatize and does not cause gynecomastia, water retention or increase in body fat, and on the other hand no side effects on the liver (non-toxic), and thirdly, and in rare cases, it contributes to the development / appearance of acne.

However, despite the relative safety, Maste P-100 is still a fairly potent androgen, so women who are afraid of virilization should use it with more caution (for reference: virilization is a process of accumulation of characteristic characteristics for men, women ) . For girls, it is not recommended to apply more than once every three days and to use doses above 25 mg.

Cycle with Masteron from Buen Poder and instructions for use

The use of this steroid is especially recommended for athletes looking to increase their strength and endurance, as well as improve muscle quality without water retention. For these purposes, it can be used both solo and in combination with other steroids to achieve better results.

With what steroids should i combine Masteron Buen Poder ? We are simply saying that the options and possible combinations are many, in fact masteron dipropionate is well combined with stanozolol and turinabol, as well as with many other effective and useful sports stimulants. In fact, everything is limited only by your experience, your imagination and your budget.

For example, for cutting with maximum muscle mass, joint use of Maste P-100 and testosterone propionate can be performed ( masteron and testosterone are administered at 100 mg per day). This, of course, lasts about 6 full weeks, but at the end of the cycle Tamoxifen is administered, which is used in the amount of about 30 mg per day for 3 weeks (you can also add Tribulus).

If you are primarily looking to build muscle, then Maste P-100 can of course be combined with the use of Methandienone. The doses are as follows: Masteron 50-100 mg per day, methandienone in a volume of 30-40 mg per day (cycle duration 6-7 weeks). By the way, in the end it will be possible to achieve not only an increase in muscle quality, but also a significant increase in energy productivity.

In general, the recommended dosage of "Maste P-100" is 300-500 mg per week. This injection is usually given every two or three days, i.e. not given more than three times a week. The average duration of the cycle with its participation a total of 6-10 weeks.


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