Deca Durabolin (Organon) 5 vials of 2ml 100mg/ml


After testosterone, Nandrolone Decanoate is almost the second best known injectable anabolic steroid. It is one of the best bulk steroids in the market that delivers quality lean mass and strength in a short period of time. Gain extra pounds with Deca.

  • Laboratory: Organon
  • Form: Injection
  • Molecule: Nandrolone decanoate
  • Concentration: 100mg/ml
  • Presentation: 5 vials of 2ml 100mg / ml
  • Recommended dosage: 250-750mg/week


Deca Durabolin an injectable steroid with a high anabolic effect and a low androgenic effect. Active ingredient nandrolone decanonate, the concentration of 100 mg / ml, is in a bottle of 2 ml. By stimulating protein synthesis, it creates a positive nitrogen balance, causes increased growth of muscle tissue, helps strengthen bones.

This is accompanied by an increase in energy productivity and endurance while speeding up the recovery process. The drug retains its activity for 14 days after injection. Recommended doses boost immunity, along with its other beneficial function of being safe for the liver and other organs.

One box contains 5 vials of 2ml active ingredient Nandrolone Decanoate (manufacturer Organon)

Deca Durabolin: Description and application

Nandrolone decanonate , the active ingredient of the drug began to be used in the early 60s of the 20th century for the treatment of various diseases associated with disorders of anabolic processes in the body, insufficient production of its own hormones, as well as anemia , chronic infections, severe trauma during surgery.

Deca Durabolin is also used in sports pharmacology almost simultaneously with clinical use. Increase muscle mass, increase strength, rapid muscle recovery.

For male athletes injectable Deca Durabolin is one of the most effective drugs for muscle mass. It provides the maximum possible increase in muscle mass and nutritional quality with minimal risk and virtually no side effects.

Deca Durabolin from Organon promotes the active form of male sexual characteristics and negative impact on androgenic testosterone production, so boys before puberty should take it in moderation, preferably under medical supervision.

We advise women to take this anabolic steroid very carefully, at minimum doses for a short cycle, to avoid obvious manifestations of virilization.

To achieve the expected result of the preparation, you need intensive training and good recovery. You must follow a sports diet and have a proper sports diet.

Deca Durabolin: Reviews

Experienced athletes will share their experiences and reveal the anabolic properties of all sports stimulants. Reviews of experienced athletes will help you understand what to expect from the drug and whether it is the steroid that is needed to achieve the desired results.

Deca Durabolin: the price of the drug and the price per cycle

If you decide to start a cycle with Deca Durabolin , the reviews that have convinced you of the correctness of this choice, it is time to consider whether it will be alone or in combination. Where to place an order? And how many weeks does a cycle take?

The active ingredient works for up to 14 days, so only once or twice a week Deca Durabolin is needed to maintain working concentration. The recommended dose is 200 to 600 mg. The recommended cycle length is 6-7 weeks. During this period with active training, weight gain can reach 10 kg.

An effective combination with Winstrol will help build muscle quality and consolidate the results achieved. For lean muscle mass, a combination with oxymetholone or methandienone is most effective. Taken together, these products work better than the sum of their effects when applied individually.

Although weight loss is practically non-existent or minimal after stopping the anabolic cycle, it can be used to increase the supply of drugs with an anti-catabolic effect, such as clenbuterol. The cost of the cycle will increase to some extent, but in some cases it is justified.

In practice, Deca Durabolin, which may seem high for beginners, is not as expensive as they think, because once a week is enough. By calculating the dose, such as frequency and cycle length, you can easily calculate the cost for the entire period of time. If there are difficulties in determining the required amount of preparations, our specialists will help you solve this problem.


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