Clenbuterol is often used as an alternative to steroids because it has their anabolic properties, but to a lesser extent. It is no coincidence that some experts call it the "non-steroidal steroid". It is particularly suitable for "natural" bodybuilders, whose goals are a visible increase in muscle strength and firmness.


Clenbuterol is most commonly used for endurance in running standards and by bodybuilders who are trimming fat before a race. It raises the temperature in the body and helps burn off buildup under the skin faster with a good workout. Clenbuterol is known in bodybuilding circles as a powerful stimulant that melts fat, promotes muscle growth, and facilitates the buildup of quality muscle mass. This drug also shortens the recovery period and has a strong anti-catabolic effect, which slows down protein consumption by muscle cells.

Clenbuterol works well on beta receptors in muscle tissue and body fat. In general, this preparation causes thermogenesis, in which the level of metabolism increases by about 10 percent, and the body temperature increases by a maximum of about one and a half degrees.

That's the end of the good news, unfortunately. Although there is still no detailed and definitive scientific research on Clenbuterol, the information available so far on this preparation is not at all encouraging. True, it has a positive effect on fat cells, but at the same time greatly increases the size of the heart.

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Clenbuterol is a beta-2 agonist group of potent stimulants that are broken down in the liver.It is believed that its intake saturates and clogs specific receptors in the body and that is why, despite the excellent initial results obtained, after 2-3 weeks the effect decreases. Additionally, subsequent cycles with Clenbuterol never even get approximately as good results as after the first cycle.

Some of the reported side effects that can occur as a result of using Clenbuterol include: palpitations, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, slight trembling of fingers, irritability, headache, profuse sweating.

Because Clenbuterol is so strong that its doses are measured in micrograms, the likelihood of a normal dose inadvertently or inadvertently turning into an overdose is very real. In such cases, unfortunately, the end result is fatal. In the world of bodybuilding, there are more than one accident in which misuse of Clenbuterol has resulted in death.

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Clenbuterol is a beta-mimetic, which means it acts on beta receptors in the muscle cell in general. It is most commonly used by asthmatics because it acts on the smooth muscles of the airways. But it also works well on beta receptors in muscle tissue and body fat in general, creating thermogenesis (i.e. raising body temperature and thereby burning off any excess calories). The general opinion of athletes is that Clenbuterol drastically alters the body composition of fat and muscle tissue. In one study, overweight men were put on a diet with limited calorie access and significantly reduced fat content. Over the course of ten weeks, the group taking supplemental clenbuterol lost an average of 25 pounds.

The control group without clenbuterol lost 8.7 kg at the same time. At first glance, that doesn't seem like a huge difference, but if you take a closer look at the study results, you'll learn some interesting things. Namely that the control group without clenbuterol lost in addition to 5.2 kg of fat and an additional 3.5 kg of muscle. The Clenbuterol group, on the other hand, adds 1.2 kg of muscle but at the same time loses 12.6 kg of fat. It remains to mention that the study in question does not carry out additional sports activities. Athletes who have used Clenbuterol report tremendous fat loss. It's not uncommon to lose 5-6 pounds of fat in four to five weeks (note the fat, not the water).

Application of Clenbuterol

It is a very difficult subject. As this is another young drug and research in this area is limited. And besides, there is no valid formula that applies to absolutely everyone. Clenbuterol tablets are available in two different doses. There is a dosage of 0.01 mg per tablet. The second tablet form is dosed exactly twice as much, i.e. 0.02 mg per tablet. Researchers found that the anabolic effect of clenbuterol reached a plateau after taking it daily for 18 days.

After this period of intake, saturation of the beta receptors in the muscle cell occurs. Since satiety begins after the 14th day of intake, scientists have found something. To avoid saturation of the receptors in the muscle cell and thus preserve the anabolic effect of clenbuterol, the researchers prescribed a daily intake for 14 days, after which a two-day break and two days of use. This program avoids saturation of the receptors in the muscle cell and thus preserves the anabolic effect of clenbuterol.

Thus, its action is preserved for 8 to 10 weeks of use.After this time, most athletes experience saturation of the receptors in the muscle cell, so clenbuterol should be discontinued for 4-6 weeks to be able to function optimally again. To further accelerate fat breakdown, some athletes often take a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin during the two-day break, but read more about ephedrine for this combination.

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Anyone primarily interested in the fat burning properties of Clenbuterol can swallow the same drug for several weeks every day until the measured body temperature of 37.1 to 37.6 begins to drop steadily for several days. Here, as with anabolic steroids, very different dosages are seen in individuals. It has been proven that in women optimal results are obtained with 3-4 mcg (1.5-2 tablets), and in men the ideal dosage is in the range of 5-6 mcg (2.5-3 tablets ) per day, as is. it is recommended to take at different times of the day, for example one morning after getting up and the second dose in the afternoon. These are quite reasonable dosages which guarantee good results in compliance with the methods of administration described.

Daniel Duchain, on the other hand, recommends monitoring the intake of clenbuterol, namely increasing the dose and determining according to body temperature for the given athlete the most appropriate dosages. The body temperature, for example, from three tablets reaches 37.3 ° C, and increasing the dose does not lead to its increase, you need to stop increasing the dose and switch to taking three tablets a day. Since a temperature above 37.6°C is neither necessary nor desirable. The duration of action of the tablets is about 14 hours, so it is not necessary to take more than twice a day.

Spiropent 0.02mg (Clenbuterol), Price: 18 EUR

Spiropent 0.02mg (Clenbuterol), Price: 18 EUR

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Clenbuterol is a drug and therefore also has potential side effects. This drug causes symptoms similar to the body releasing adrenaline. Therefore, Clenbuterol can cause symptoms such as palpitations, mild feeling of anxiety, and slight trembling of the fingers. This can lead to irritability or irritability. It is also possible to increase blood pressure.

Some athletes have also reported headaches, nausea, profuse sweating and trouble sleeping. But sleep disturbances can be avoided if the athlete does not take clenbuterol after 3 p.m. As a rule, at the beginning of the course, the athlete will have a feeling of general irritability. The extent of these symptoms depends very much on the value of the initial dosage. But these side effects are temporary. They usually only occur at the start of the Clenbuterol course and then disappear on their own. It is important to last the first 8-10 days.

Anyone new to clenbuterol should start with a low dose and increase it slowly and evenly over several days so the body can get used to it. In women, phenomena such as palpitations and tremors of the hands and body are more pronounced than in men. Therefore, women use a lower dose than men. Those unfamiliar with clenbuterol may be quite surprised if they overdo it at first. Athletes who have an irregular or rapid heartbeat, people who have had a heart attack, who have severe hyperthyroidism, and those who are three months pregnant should not use Clenbuterol. The same goes for athletes with hypertension.It should be taken with caution with Thyroxine or Triacana.

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Both women and men can have muscle seizures, especially during exercise. But it seems that these spasms are only in the muscle being trained. If an athlete is on a diet and has severely restricted carbohydrate intake, this causes an automatic breakdown of glycogen in the muscles. If more glycogen is broken down by taking clenbuterol or lephedrine with a lack of minerals, seizures may occur.

The occurrence of side effects and their intensity can be largely controlled by the athlete. To do this, he must adhere to known administration and dosing practices. Long-term clenbuterol side effects, if any, are not yet known. Clenbuterol does not have the possible side effects of anabolic steroids such as acne, hair loss, liver inflammation, thickening of the voice, or gynecomastia (formation of female breast tissue in men).


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