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the turinabol is almost identical to Dianabol. This product provides the same effects but without water retention or aromatization. The ultimate product for a quality grounding, for cutting/pre-contest use, as well as lean mass cycles.

  • Manufacturer: Titan
  • Form: Oral
  • Molecule: Chlordehydromethyltestosterone
  • Strength: 10mg/tablet
  • Presentation: 100 tablets
  • Recommended dosage: 40-60 mg/day for 6-8 weeks
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Turinabol (10 mg/tab, 50 tab) from Titan is an anabolic androgenic steroid based on Turinabol, which is characterized by fairly fast and quite strong action. It is available in the form of tablets requiring oral administration. The preparation is effectively used in sports.

It is used in steroid cycles to dry muscles or in classes to increase strength and increase muscle mass. Potentially, Turinabol can be recommended to athletes of all experience levels – from beginners (solo or simple combination courses at moderate doses) to true professionals (in complex combinations and maximum doses).

Properties of Turinabol from Titan

Oral turinabol (chemical name – chlorodehydromethyl testosterone) is generally a high-speed steroid anabol, and is originally a 4-chloro-substituted derivative of methandinone. Along with methane (slang form), it is associated not only with its molecular formula, but also with its end effect. Oral turinabol can be called a non-aromatizing (and usually easy) variant of methandinone.

The first analogues of the modern preparation Turinabol Rapid by Titan have been developed especially for doping.Unlike the same methandinone (and almost every other steroid hormone popular in sports), chlorodehydromethyl testosterone was originally licensed as a doping agent for athletes. It is believed that athletes and athletes from East Germany competed successfully in international competitions in the 1960s due to drug use.

What are the effects of Turinabol Rapid on the athlete during optimal intake:

● Quality muscle growth,

● Burning of subcutaneous fat,

● Increase in strength,

● Increased working capacity.

This is not a complete list, but these are the most significant effects for amateurs and professional athletes.

The action of the substance is mainly anabolic. 100% of anabolic activity (relative to testosterone) and 50% androgenic activity (relative to testosterone), the duration of action is 16 hours, and the detection time is not less than 6 weeks, the conversion to estrogen is unusual, unrelated to progestins, and liver toxicity is moderately low. Turinabol Rapid is a relatively safe steroid.

In other words, if the recommendations are followed, the side effects of the application do not appear or have a very weak character . Estrogenic and progestational complications are totally excluded (but due to the origin of the steroid, symptoms of gynecomastia may develop with abuse). Storage conditions are described in the brief description, but it should be added that Sport Pharmacology should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

How is Turinabol Rapid taken?

The optimal dose of Turinabol Titan, is selected individually, otherwise one cannot be sure that the doses will not be insufficient or excessive.Both options are not allowed! On average, men are not recommended to take around 30-40mg (3-4 tablets) per day, and women should be limited to 10-20mg (0.5-1 tablet) per day.

Remark: L abuse of the drug in women can lead to male body characteristics (acne, redness of voice, hair growth, clitoral enlargement and other symptoms).

The steroid cycle with Turinabol Depot can last up to 6 weeks. Like analogues of the active ingredient, it is not recommended for a long time due to liver toxicity. Consider the two sample courses combined with the product. Why is this important? Because combinations are the main way to take the oral form of the preparation. The first example is for those unfamiliar with sports pharmacology, and the second is for experienced "chemists".

● 1. Turinabol Rapid (Titan) + Testosterone Propionate (brand of your choice). These are steroids for quality muscle growth. The doses used are moderate – 40mg per day and 100mg once every other day for 6 weeks, respectively. At the end of the course (2 weeks), continue using testosterone propionate. Post-treatment treatment is tamoxifen (20-30 mg daily for 3 weeks).

● 2. Turinabol Rapid (Titan) + a mixture of testosterone esters (brand of your choice) + boldenone (brand of your choice). This is a course for gaining strength and increasing muscle mass, during which a high dose is used: 40-60 mg per day, 500-750 mg per week, 600-800 mg per week for 8 to 10 weeks, respectively. At the end of the kurta (3 weeks), use testosterone propionate or masteron. Post-treatment treatment is tamoxifen (30-40 mg daily for 3 weeks).


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