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Biotech Beijing Testosterone Propionate is a much faster acting ester than cypionate or enanthate, testo propionate does not retain water in your body, provides increased strength and leaner, higher quality muscles

  • MakerBiotech Beijing
  • Active substanceTestosterone Propionate
  • Concentration : 100mg/ml
  • Presentation : 1 vial of 10ml
  • Recommended dosage : 100mg every day or every other day


Biotech Beijing Testosterone Propionate is a fast acting androgenic steroid, Testosterone Propionate. As a doping for athletes, it is effective both in steroid cycles to increase muscle mass and increase strength, and in cutting classes (depending on an athlete's goal). It is used by intramuscular injection. It is mainly used in combination with other anabolic androgenic steroids for optimal results.

By purchasing Biotech Beijing products from our online store, you are getting original products. The manufacturer has provided an inspection system to protect its own products. You can confirm the authenticity of the steroid on the official website ( by entering the unique symbols of its code (located on the packaging):

Details on the properties of testosterone propionate

Testo P is a product composed of the five most popular and widespread testosterone esters in the pharmaceutical market. Lenanthate, cypionate, propionate, phenylpropionate and lundecanoate have been around since the second half of the 20th century, when they appeared on the market and are still in great demand.

Testosterone is the first steroid hormone embodied in the form of a pharmaceutical preparation.Testosterone Propionate is a short ester that acts as a precursor to testosterone. The preparation is much more effective because it has a longer effect.

Biotech Testosterone Propionate Steroid Profile: 100% anabolic-androgenic activity than that of natural testosterone, duration of action up to 2-3 days, half-life 1-2 days, detection time around 14 days (according to other data, up to several months ), aromatization is weak compared to that of long-term hormonal esters, hepatotoxicity is neither pronounced nor weak, the link with progestins does not exist.

What is the effect of Testo P rop First of all, he contributes to the quality of muscle growth and increased strength . Also during the cures, the following improvements were noted: increased endurance, accelerated recovery, fat burning, development of relief and hard muscles, increased libido, reduced risk of heart disease .

For whom can testosterone propionate be recommended? Athletes with different levels of experience, but not women. Although testosterone propionate is considered most harmless testosterone ester , it is still not completely sure. Women should beware of side effects (aggressiveness, oily skin, clitoral enlargement, hoarse voice and other symptoms).

Testosterone Propionate: Dosage

The working dose of Testo P is selected individually by the athlete (anabolic androgenic steroids require an individual approach, since each person has a unique body tolerance to active substances). The average dose of testosterone propionate for sports purposes is 100mg per day . Frequent injections are necessary due to the short-term effects of the drug.

Remark: Although testosterone is not recommended for women in sports, there are instances where female athletes use propionate with no visible effects on their health or appearance. However, they resort to the minimum dose up to 25-50mg every 3-5 days.

Combination cures are the main way athletes use Testo P. It is combined with different mechanisms of action and end-effect steroid hormones, the choice depends on the goal of the athlete. Some combinations are used to increase strength and gain weight, and others for drying.

Average doses: 100 mg of propionate every other day and 40 mg of methane per day (for 6 to 7 weeks). Post-treatment treatment: 20 mg of tamoxifen per day (for 3 weeks).

Another effective steroid combination that can be recommended for beginners, but for good muscle growth, is testosterone propionate with turinabol. Average doses: 100 mg of propionate every other day and 40 mg of Turinabol per day (for 6 weeks). Aftercare treatment: again tamoxifen 20 mg per day (for 3 weeks).

If you don't know how to use Biotech's Testosterone Propionate, visit the forum, you have the opportunity to request a free individual consultation by asking the questions on the contact form with first-hand specialists familiar with pharmacology Sport.

Testosterone Propionate Facts and Reviews

Indeed, Biotech Beijing Pharmaceuticals is a relatively new manufacturer for the domestic market. Its products will soon appear on the market from the second half of 2017.

If you believe what is written on the official website, some time ago the Europeans mainly focused on their domestic market (they have more than 3 years of experience in the countries of the European Union).What about Testosterone Propionate 100? Let's be a little more specific.

According to the reviews, we can conclude that the preparation is inferior to any of its analogues having the same active substance. It is also effective for muscle growth and fat burning, and its injections are not particularly painful.

Where and how to buy Testosterone Propionat?

You can order testosterone propionate , as well as analogues of the product with the same active substance, on our website


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