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Testosterone enanthate, also known as Test E, is one of the most widely used and oldest anabolic steroids. It is a slow release form, it helps to better understand the effects of using steroids and that is why it is the most recommended product for beginners.

  • Laboratory: GM Pharmaceutical Indonesia
  • Form: Injection
  • Molecule: Testosterone Enanthat
  • Concentration: 250mg/ml
  • Presentation: 10 vials of 2ml
  • Recommended dosage: 250-1000mg/week


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E-500 testing – it is a very powerful steroid with anabolic and androgenic activity, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Buen Poder. At its heart is the substance testosterone enanthate. The main area in which it can be used effectively is sports, it can be used effectively in bodybuilding, triathlon, weightlifting and other disciplines.

The objectives of its application are to gain muscle mass and increase energy productivity. It also has other positive effects (pumps muscles, improves joint function, etc.) that are significant and beneficial to an athlete.

Testosterone Enanthate by GM Pharmaceutical

The active substance appeared in the middle of the 20th century and the beginning of the 1950s. Then enanthate ester with testosterone was the first and only delayed-action oil steroid for athletes, therefore it acquired a enviable popularity. It is popular to this day, no less and to a greater extent, and all thanks to the large number of various positive effects, both in sports and in other areas.

In particular, the E-250 testing can have the following beneficial effects on an athlete's fitness:

Significant increase in muscle mass

Rapid increase in energy productivity

Improved joint function (achievable through water retention)

Stimulate rapid body recovery

Powerful muscle pumping effect

Improved overall vitality and increased desire to train

Depending on the hormonal metabolism, this steroid can show its activity only after 2-3 weeks (on average fifteen days, no more). By the way, this feature eliminates the need for frequent injections (usually injections of the active ingredient are given once a week).

We should also note that the described steroid is not recommended for women. The fact that the E-250 Test is subject to a sufficiently strong androgenic effect, which if administered by women can lead to masculinization (appearance of secondary male sexual characteristics on the female body, acne, etc.)

Under what conditions should it be stored? Store the box of ampoules in a dark, dry place at a temperature not exceeding room temperature. Also, as a precaution, make sure it is out of reach of animals and children.

Steroid cycle with testosterone enanthate

In sports practice, this anabolic steroid can be used alone or in combination with other steroids such as parabolan or methane to increase the efficiency of the process. The main purpose of its use is usually to increase muscle mass and increase energy productivity.

Dosage Testosterone Enanthate GM Pharmaceutical

is recommended at a dose of 250-500 mg (the maximum achievable dose is 750-1000 mg) per week. It works for a long time (about 15 days), and therefore the need for frequent injections is not necessary.It is usually given once a week, for an average of 7 weeks. Such application volumes are enough to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, strength and high energy.

The dose of E-250 testing (testosterone enanthate) required for administration is easily calculated. Because it is in a convenient concentration of the active substance (250 mg / ml), therefore, no problems should arise: to obtain the minimum recommended dose (250 mg), you need exactly 1 ampoule of the preparation or 500mg – 2 ampoules, etc. . As a result, there is no way to make a dosing error.

Important: To improve an athlete's athletic performance with the use of Buen Poder's Testosterone Enanthate, combined administration with other anabolic steroids is required. Which steroids can be combined effectively? The options are many. Choosing the particular combination depends on your goals, experience and financial capabilities.

So to gain more muscle mass using Testosterone Enanthate can be combined with the introduction of Parabolan . The doses used are: Test. E – 500mg per week (for 7 weeks), Trenbolone – 200mg per week (6 weeks). With this cycle you may need the help of Proviron (from 2 weeks after the end of the cycle), Tamoxifen (after the cycle), you can also buy Pregnil (twice 5000 units)

If you are trying to get better muscle mass, you can use the drug along with Naposim and Stromba steroid at the same time. Doses: testing. Well – about 250-500 mg per week, stramba – about 40 mg per day, naposim – 40-50 mg per day. Methane is applied at the start, and stanozolol at the exit. Additional agents should be used, such as the antiestrogen Tamoxifen or Proviron.

In general, if you want to learn more about injectable steroids in general, it is highly recommended that you visit our forum. Here you can quickly contact the consultants of (weightlifting sports master, sports doctor, etc.) and get useful advice and reasonable recommendations.

Facts and opinions about the E-250 test

Testosterone enanthate ester is in great demand in sports practice. Therefore, facts and opinions about this steroid can be found easily. Usually, after looking at Testosterone Enanthate reviews in our forum, our website is also available with a description of the given steroid. You can also find comments from satisfied and dissatisfied customers there and make your judgment.

Instructions and reviews also show that this anabolic androgen is endowed with a large number of positive properties that can be useful outside of sports. Thus, it may contribute to muscle gain, increase energy, have a pumping effect, and improve overall vitality and joint function. All this is extremely useful for an athlete who takes care of his physical condition.

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