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Buy testosterone cipionate, which is a slow ester of the hormone testosterone , which is extremely popular in bodybuilding and many other sports and is one of the most commonly used.

Functions of Testosterone Cypionate:

It has an extremely potent anabolic and androgenic effect, dramatically increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissue, giving great strength, muscle mass, endurance and strength while and after taking it.


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Features of Testosterone Cypionate

Buy Testosterone Cypionate is an anabolic androgenic steroid. In online stores you can buy it in the form of a solution for injection. Its composition includes an oil base and a combination of testosterone with cyclopentylpropionate ester via a 17-beta hydroxyl group.

The main features of Testosterone Cypionate are:

  • Gain muscle mass quickly
  • Increases strength
  • More durability
  • Burn fat
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Increased sexual desire and pheromone release

In summary, we can point out that the main feature of Testosterone Cypionate is the accumulation of muscle mass and strength . Coaches share many motivating results gaining 10 kilograms during a cycle.

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Characteristics of Testosterone Cypionate

The peculiarities of Testosterone Cypionate are related to its composition.Before buying it, you should know that when taken it retains water in the body and therefore it is good to use it for cycles of muscle mass gain, not to erase the relief. With the right combination, however, you can adjust the retention. It's not very toxic. Aroma and has a lasting effect after injection lasts up to 10 days. The peak of the action is the first or second day.

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Buy Testosterone Cypionate dosage and quantity

Before buying Testosterone Cypionate, keep in mind that the course, dosage and intake are strictly individual. They depend on your experience with anabolic steroids, your lifestyle, your diet and how often you exercise.

Trainers say they take testosterone cypionate once or twice a week with training around 250mg. However, do not exceed the dosage of 600 mg per week. More frequent intake is recommended for advanced users only. Beginners should stick to the standard intake of 250mg. The cycle in combination with other preparations for gaining muscle mass and eliminating relief lasts between 6 and 15 weeks.

Learn more about it in our article Testosterone Cypionate action / effect and intake . Remember to strictly follow a post cycle program to suppress possible side effects. In this case, the most important thing is to regain the suppressed natural generation of testosterone in the body.

Combinations with Testosterone Cypionate from

Some popular combinations with Testosterone Cypionate for gain muscle mass or gain strength :

Nandrolone Decanoate, Boldenone, Methane, Anadrol, Turinabol.

Good combinations with Testosterone Cypionate from in a cycle of shedding of muscle mass :

Stanozolol, Anavar, Clenbuterol, Trenbolone Acetate. However, due to water retention, it is recommended to be taken primarily during periods of increased muscle mass.

Side Effects and Precautions While Using Testosterone Cypionate

While using Testosterone Cypionate, there is a risk of developing side effects, so care should be taken such as the right combinations, post cycle schedule, right dosage and more. Side effects include acne, gynecomastia, blood issues, water retention and more.

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Testosterone cypionate is not recommended for women. Side effects include increased hair growth, fertility issues, appearance of male genital scarring and more.

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