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Testosterone Propionate is a fat-soluble anabolic steroid for injection. It is mainly used for sports purposes. This steroid is relatively mild and has significant properties that are appreciated by all who use it. It has the reputation of being an anabolic steroid that gives the body a shapely look and draws the muscles in detail. In addition to appearance, testosterone propionate is used for the qualities necessary for athletes: endurance, strength, muscle mass and speed.


The description

Testosterone Propionate is one of the many esterified variants of testosterone available on the market. It is a slower-release injectable form than unesterified testosterone, but faster-release than other common esterified variants. This is due to the longer propionate ester attached to the testosterone molecule. Lester slows the release and increases the half-life of testosterone, but remains with a faster release than other ester variants such as enanthate and tsipionate. The vast majority of testosterone products contain a single esterified form (such as testosterone propionate). There are mixtures of several different esterified variants (eg Sustanon 250).

Pure unesterified testosterone has a very short half-life which makes it a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient. One such product is Testosterone Suspension, which is made up of pure unesterified testosterone with no ester attached to its structure. Propionate lester extends the half-life of testosterone to 4.5 days. Testosterone itself is considered the most natural and safest anabolic steroid that can be used by anyone.It is the most versatile and flexible anabolic steroid in the way it is taken in cycles for various purposes.

A Brief History of Testosterone Propionate

Information about testosterone propionate was first published in 1935 following various studies to determine the best possible way to use testosterone. Soon after, Schering AG (in Germany) started production of the first testosterone propionate under the trade name Testoviron. This product is still very popular today. Testosterone propionate is the first esterified version of testosterone and the oldest in use, dating back to the mid-1930s.

In the 1950s, testosterone propionate was one of three existing anabolic steroids on the market (testosterone suspension, testosterone propionate and methyltestosterone). There are hundreds of these anabolic steroids out there today. It's a little known fact that Testosterone Propionate was developed to melt under the tongue. It wasn't very practical so it stopped in the 80s. This form of administration is a tablet designed to be absorbed through the mucous membrane under the tongue and between the gums and cheeks.

Application of testosterone propionate

Testosterone Propionate has been used for many medical purposes. They are: treatment of androgen deficiency in men (andropause or hypogonadism), treatment of sexual dysfunction, treatment of chronic dysfunctional uterine bleeding (menorrhagia), treatment of endometriosis and many others. Eventually, as with all anabolic steroids, the approved medical uses of Testosterone Propionate were curtailed by the United States Food and Drug Administration. As a result, testosterone remains approved for use by men only.

Testosterone Propionate is a very popular anabolic steroid that is why it is prevalent not only in the US market but also all over the world. This is largely not due to preference, but to the fact that for many years the only form of testosterone developed was testosterone propionate. Later, more convenient esterified forms (testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate) were created. They have a longer half-life and release time, which implies a dilute injection schedule. Today, testosterone propionate is still sold in the US pharmacy market, but its usage is far below historical amounts in the past. How long Testosterone Propionate will stay on the market is debatable due to other preferred forms of testosterone being more convenient to use than most people.

Features of Testosterone Propionate

As already mentioned, Testosterone Propionate is simply testosterone with a propionate ester attached to its chemical structure. Specifically, propionate is propionic acid, but already related to testosterone. In chemistry, this is called an ester bond (or ester compound). Propionic acid is attached to the 17-beta hydroxyl group of the testosterone structure. Esterified anabolic steroids are more fat soluble and are slowly released from the injection site. However, this is not the main reason for the sustained release of the anabolic steroid.

The main reason for the prolonged half-life and delayed release is that after testosterone propionate enters the bloodstream, enzymes begin to break the bonds between the ester and the hormone. That takes time. Eventually, ester is removed from the hormone, leaving only pure testosterone, which begins its action in the body.Testosterone itself without esters attached has a half-life of around 2-4 hours. When lester is attached, testosterone propionate is obtained, increasing the half-life of testosterone to 4 or 5 days. This allows for a slower release and longer action of the hormone.

Properties of testosterone propionate

The properties of Testosterone Propionate are what anyone would expect from any other type of testosterone product. The difference is in the release time and the half-life. Testosterone can be considered the original and primary anabolic steroid that is produced naturally internally in all humans and most animal species. Testosterone is therefore considered the safest anabolic steroid to use. This is because everyone's body is already accustomed to the effects of testosterone, but to a lesser extent. Basically, taking external testosterone to increase athletic performance and improve physique is just an extra boost of hormones. In other words the introduction of more of certain hormones into the body, which is already producing and using them.

Testosterone itself has moderate levels of estrogenic activity, so it has a moderate affinity to bind to the aromatase enzyme (the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen). Therefore, it is normal to expect some level of aromatization when using testosterone unless aromatase inhibitors (such as Arimidex, Aromazin, and Letrozole) are used. They block the aromatase enzyme, making it unable to convert testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, testosterone is the preferred ingredient for weight gain, but it can also be taken during periods of fat burning.

Testosterone in one form or another is needed on every cycle with anabolic steroids. Testosterone itself is a very powerful anabolic ingredient, suitable even for standalone use for all purposes. In fact, testosterone is recommended as the first and only anabolic steroid for beginners.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage and Combination

For medical purposes the treatment of low testosterone levels, standard doses are usually between 25 and 50 mg, 2 to 3 times per week. In medicine, however, Propionate is rarely used due to the presence of slower forms Enanthate and Cypionate.

For bodybuilding purposes, effective doses of 25-50mg of Testosterone Propionate per day are used to address the problem of testosterone production suppression caused by other anabolic steroids. For true anabolic benefits, the usual dose is 100mg every other day. This dose has easy to control side effects and is well tolerated. Some are well tolerated at doses of 150 to 200 mg per day.

Testosterone Propionate combines well with almost all other anabolic steroids. For weight gain it is often combined with Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate), Anadrol (Oxymetholone) or Dianabol (Methandrostenolone). During periods of relief it is often combined with Anavar (Oxandrolone), Masteron (Drostanolone), Primobolan (Methenolone), Trenbolone and Winstrol (Stanozolol).

testosterone cycle

Steroid cycle with testosterone #1 (for mass)

Products: 10 ml 200 mg/ml Testosterone (enanthate or cypionate)

In addition :
For cholesterol: Lipid Stabil (3 capsules/day) and fish oil (4 g/day).
Estrogen control: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (0.5 mg/day).

Comment : This bulk cycle is likely to produce similar quantitative results to those previously reported with Dianabol, but is preferred over the oral route due to its lower impact on the liver and cardiovascular system. The doses used are expected to alter the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio slightly, but not much, as is usually the case with oral anabolic steroids. This cycle suggests the least health side effects of all other steroid cycles listed in this section.

The weekTestosterone 1 200mg 2 200mg 3 300mg 4 300mg 5 300mg 6 350mg 7 350mg

Steroid cycle with testosterone #2 (for mass)

Products: 20 ml 200 mg/ml Testosterone (enanthate or cypionate)

In addition :
For cholesterol: Lipid Stabil (3 capsules/day) and fish oil (4 g/day).
Estrogen control: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (0.5-1 mg/day).

Comment : This shekel is common with a higher dose and a longer 3 week intake period. The total dose of testosterone taken is double that of the first cycle described. Estrogenic androgenic side effects are likely. The cardiovascular effect may be slightly higher than the first described cycle, but will still be significantly lower than the oral cycle with Dianabol. Testosterone is one of the safest and most effective steroids for building muscle mass.

The weekTestosterone 1 200mg 2 400mg 3 400mg 4 400mg 5 400mg 6 500mg 7 500mg 8 500mg 9 500mg ten 200mg

Steroid cycle with testosterone / Anadrol (for mass)

Products: 20 ml 200 mg/ml testosterone (enanthate or cypionate), 100 tablets 50 mg doxymetholone
In addition :
For the liver: Liver Stabil, Liv-52 or Essentiale Forte at the dose indicated in the leaflet.
For cholesterol: Lipid Stabil (3 capsules/day) and fish oil (4 g/day).
Estrogen control: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day)

Comment : The combination of testosterone and doxymetholone is generally considered the most potent for building muscle mass. Both steroids are significantly estrogenic and tend to develop gynecomastia relatively early in the cycle. Tamoxifen is necessary in this case. Newbies on steroids can notice a weight increase of over 20-25 lbs in a cycle like this. However, the water retention is quite high and the weight loss after stopping will probably be around 4 kg.

The weekTestosteroneAnapolon 1 200mg 2 400mg 3 400mg 50mg/day 4 400mg 50mg/day 5 400mg 100mg/day 6 500mg 100mg/day 7 500mg 100mg/day 8 500mg 100mg/day 9 500mg 100mg/day ten 200mg 100mg/day

Steroid cycle with testosterone / Deca (for mass)

Products: 10ml 200mg/ml, 10ml 200mg/ml testosterone (enanthate or cypionate)
In addition :
For cholesterol: Lipid Stabil (3 capsules/day) and fish oil (4 g/day).
Estrogen control: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (0.5-1 mg/day).
Comment : Testosterone with nandrolone is considered one of the most fundamental combinations. Nandrolone supplements the androgenic base of testosterone with additional anabolic activity without strong estrogenic activity. The resulting stack is as productive as a cycle of testosterone alone, but without the same estrogenic side effects like water and fat retention and gynecomastia. However, it is desirable to take medication to control estrogen.

The weekTestosteroneNandrolone 1 200mg 200mg 2 200mg 200mg 3 200mg 200mg 4 300mg 300mg 5 300mg 300mg 6 300mg 300mg 7 300mg 300mg 8 200mg 200mg

Two-phase steroid cycle (for pure mass)

Products: 8 ml methenolone denanthate (Primobolan) 100 mg/ml, 50 ml boldenone dundecylenate 50 mg/ml, 20 ml testosterone (enanthate or cypionate) 200 mg/ml.

In addition :
For cholesterol: Lipid Stabil (3 capsules/day) and fish oil (4 g/day).
Estrogen control: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (0.5-1 mg/day).

Comment : This is a quarterly cycle of non-liver toxic steroids that has two distinct phases for muscle building and relief. During the first 6 weeks of training, the emphasis is on gaining muscle mass with an appropriate diet. Significant estrogenic activity is present during this time and a tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitor such as lanastrozole may be needed to prevent gynecomastia and excessive water retention. Estrogen maintenance drugs can be discontinued in the second phase, which aims to increase the androgen to estrogen ratio and harden the muscles. The dose of testosterone in the second phase is taken with the aim of preventing sexual dysfunction or loss of libido, which often occurs with the use of primarily anabolic steroids.

The weekTestosteroneBoldenoneMethenolone 1 500mg 200mg 2 500mg 200mg 3 600mg 200mg 4 600mg 200mg 5 600mg 200mg 6 600mg 200mg 7 100mg 200mg 300mg 8 100 meters 200mg 300mg 9 100 meters 200mg 300mg ten 100 meters 200mg 300mg 11 100 meters 200mg 300mg 12 100 meters 200mg 300mg

Testosterone Propionate Reviews

In bodybuilding circles over the years, Testosterone Propionate has been believed to be better for periods of fat cleansing, offering less water retention than other esterified forms. This must be refuted as a rumor and a misunderstanding, following erroneous conclusions, without scientific justification.As explained, ester propionate (or any ester attached to testosterone) is always released in the body by enzymes, leaving 100% biologically identical pure testosterone. This testosterone is already starting to work in the body, as is the case with all esterified forms of testosterone. Therefore, the only improvement that esterification has on the properties and actions of testosterone is in the half-life and release rate. If there are any discrepancies in the reported results,

Side effects

Testosterone Propionate is an anabolic steroid that is very well tolerated by most healthy men. Healthy refers to men who do not suffer from low testosterone conditions.


The side effects of testosterone propionate are most often summed up by its estrogenic nature. This hormone has the ability to be converted into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. This can lead to fluid retention, high blood pressure, and increased milk volume.

Many men often resort to the use of anti-estrogens, aromatase inhibitors Arimidex (Anastrozole) or selective estrogen receptor modulators such as Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate). Aromatase inhibitors are most effective here, but can have a detrimental effect on cholesterol.


Testosterone Propionate is a potent androgenic hormone and therefore can develop androgenic side effects. These include excessive oily skin, acne, baldness and excessive hair growth on other parts of the body. The manifestation of these side effects strongly depends on the genetic predisposition of the individual. Some men do not experience such side effects at all, while others complain a lot.

The hormone testosterone has the ability to be reduced to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) under the influence of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This increases its androgenic activity in the tissues with a higher content of this enzyme. 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as finasteride may be helpful in combating androgenic side effects caused by testosterone.


Testosterone propionate can have a negative effect on cholesterol levels. This means lowering HDL (good) cholesterol levels and raising HDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

To maintain cholesterol levels, it is recommended to follow a diet rich in omega fatty acids and low in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. Lots of aerobic workouts are also recommended.

Suppression of testosterone

The use of exogenous testosterone is always associated with the suppression of its natural production in the body. After stopping the supply of external testosterone, its production by the body is restored. However, this process is slow and can take time. It is recommended to exit the cycle with an appropriate post-steroid treatment. This is done in order to prevent catabolic processes in which, in the absence of testosterone, cortisol becomes the dominant hormone in the body. It causes catabolism and loss of muscle mass gained during the cycle.


Testosterone propionate is not hepatotoxic. Liver damage is unlikely.

Testosterone Profile

(4-androsten-3-one-17beta-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one)
Formula: C19H28O Molecular weight: 288.42 Half-life: 4.5 days: Schering
g/mol Origin Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 100/100


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