Aviva HGH pharmaceutically tested 40 IU (13.4 mg.)


Aviva HGH Human Growth Hormone 13.4mg (40iu) from Aviva Systems Biology has been tested by us personally in a certified laboratory and is of proven purity, quality and efficacy, we at www.Anabolstore.com stand behind this product !

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Buy Aviva HGH human growth hormone Aviva HGH 13.4mg (40iu) from Aviva Systems Biology is pharmaceutically tested by us personally in a certified laboratory and is of proven purity, quality and efficacy, we at www.Anabolstore stand behind with our name the quality and purity of this product !

PLEASE NOTE: Aviva Original Growth Hormone has an embossed print on one front side of the "AVIVA ORIGINAL" box which you can see in the photos. If you bought this product cheaper elsewhere, and the box does not have such an imprint, you have most likely come across a fake. Beware of counterfeit products, because the health of our customers comes first for us and we care!

Growth hormone is complete with 10 ml. bacteriostatic water for dissolution.

Aviva HGH Growth Hormone

It is a synthetic recombinant DNA polypeptide hormone. The hormone is synthesized by a special strain of E coli bacteria modified by adding a plasmid that carries the gene for human growth hormone (HGH).
The drug was created to treat patients who suffer from a lack or insufficient secretion of growth hormone. In children, it can result from congenital, genetic, acquired, or idiopathic causes. In adults, deficiency can be caused by pituitary disease, hypothalamic disease, surgery, radiation therapy or trauma. Others who benefit from the effects of growth hormone are athletes and bodybuilders.

Effects of growth hormone therapy:

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It greatly reduces the level of fat. Growth hormone stimulates the action of insulin. When we use HGH, it directs the action of insulin by delivering sugar to heart, muscle, and nerve cells instead of fat tissue.

Increases sexual desire The decline in male and female libido is directly related to the decline in HGH associated with age and the amount of testosterone in the body. People taking HGH Growth Hormone experienced significant improvement in sexual function.

Fewer wrinkles growth hormone helps collagen type 2, which boosts skin elasticity and regeneration, which is the main reason why so many women and men, Hollywood stars and musicians use growth hormone to maintain skin tone. so-called "eternal youth" .. that only he can give you.

Joint Repair HGH also has an anabolic effect on soft tissues such as tendons, cartilage and connective tissue. This means that old wounds can be repaired and connective tissue in general rejuvenated.

Taking Aviva HGH (growth hormone)

Growth hormone can be taken once a day, in the morning before breakfast or before going to bed on an empty stomach. In the morning, when you are in a state of low insulin activity, it is the best time to get a better effect. At night, you can benefit from your body's natural production of this hormone while you sleep.

If used for treatment, the consumption of HGH is determined and monitored by a doctor.

It is usually injected subcutaneously with an insulin needle in the abdominal area.Many only do one dose at a time because they're afraid of needles, but most builders are more daring and inject twice a day. This is the best way to get higher results. We want to assure you that getting an insulin needle is probably the most painless thing you've ever experienced, as it's so thin it can be compared to a mosquito bite, so don't worry.

Here is a video of a doctor showing how to mix and inject growth hormone. If you are still having difficulty or have any questions about mixing, dosing and injection, do not hesitate to contact us:

Average dose: men/women 1 to 6 IU/day.


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