Advanced Steroids Post Cycle Therapy


  • Arimidex 60 tablets
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  • Tamoxifen 10 240 tablets


Buy Post Cycle Therapy for Advanced Bodybuilders

Post cycle therapy suitable for advanced bodybuilders who have been using high dose steroids for weeks

Buy cheap Arimidex or Anastrozolol Cabergoline, Tamoxifen for post-cycle therapy or post-cures

Product: Post cycle therapy

WeekArimidex 1mgCabergoline 0.5mgTamoxifen 10mg 1. 0.5mg/day 0.25mg on day 3 40mg/day 2. 0.5mg/day 0.25mg on day 3 40mg/day 3. 1mg/day 0.25mg on day 3 60mg/day 4. 1mg/day 0.25mg on day 3 60mg/day 5. 1mg/day 0.25mg/week 40mg/day 6. 1mg/day 0.25mg/week 20mg/day 7. 1mg/day 0.25mg/week 20mg/day 8. 0.5mg/day 10mg/day 9. 0.5mg/day 10mg/day ten. 0.5mg/day 10mg/day 11. 0.5mg/day 10mg/day 12. 0.5mg/day 10mg/day 13. 10mg/day

Gynecomastia or the growth of breast tissue in men is a high risk for those who use anabolic steroids. Only those with genetic luck have a reduced risk of gynecomastia, 90% of those who use anabolic steroids have a high risk of gynecomastia. In the event that symptoms of gynecomastia appear (sore and swollen nipples) or are already installed (the breast begins to have a mammary shape and swell), prompt intervention is required. First, every steroid or steroid administration that caused gynecomastia is stopped and an anti-gynecomastia cycle is started.

In case the necessary measures have not been taken in time, the only solution is surgery which will cut the tissue.For the moment, the gynecomastia is already installed, it is possible that an anti-gynecomastia cycle is no longer useful and that the medical scalpel is the only solution.

I must mention that each organism is unique and that is why it is welcome to consult a doctor and do blood tests.

Therapy post cycle

The cycle we will suggest is just one example of the correct way to follow a cycle to prevent gynecomastia. Almost all cases of steroid-induced gynecomastia have the same causes, so the solutions are always the same.

The dose of Arimidex increases and decreases gradually, otherwise you will have a bad recurrence of estrogen after the cycle ends.

The classic post cycle therapy lasts 4 weeks, but it is very subjective. In some critical cases, a longer period is required. You should have a self-analysis on how the therapy is working and start decreasing the doses of Arimidex once you feel the gynecomastia has passed. It may seem like an extreme cycle and it really is. As I mentioned, it is best to consult a doctor. Once gynecomastia is established, the only alternative is surgery. The cycle is followed until the gynecomastia is removed, after which the cycle is stopped.


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